brainstormer 5

15 Mar

for our brainstormer, the words given were slaying of a loved one, chinese and king. The first thing that came to my mind was the theme of betrayal. So my idea was to look for a quote that’s related to the topics given. while researching, i came across this quote which was by a chinese general, Tan Daoji. it was perfect for my theme for the whole meaning of it was about betrayal and attacking using the strength of the other. I used chinese characters to show the original form of the quote plus to show its origin, also i used block font to give out a stronger vibe.

shirt design

16 Feb

brainstormer 4

13 Feb

infographics on going home

1 Feb

this is my infographics on how to go home. we needed at least fifteen steps on how to go home, in this situation, i’m very fortunate to live so far away, meaning, i can put so many steps. Instead of putting literal images of the steps, i used the names stop overs/ or the places that i will encounter when commuting or driving. in that case, the person looking at this will know if they’re on the right track. i used different kinds of lines to show the direction in sequence, and put the meaning of the variety of lines in a “legends” box. Also, for the modes of transportation, I used generic street signs so that people would easily understand what they mode of transportation they’ll use. I used a very discrete way of indicating the time of travel in each mode of transportion by using bars. With the colors, I was inspired by the colors of the north/south pole of magnets, since my title was “north to south”. Lastly, i added fun facts to this, just to add extra fun to it.:))



brainstormer 3

1 Feb

For this brainstormer, i wanted to design a poster for the movie star trek. Since the words given to us were spaceship, art deco and prey to misfortune, I thought of those sci-fi movies, Space wars or whatever with spaceships. And in the movie, the spaceship was very prone to misfortune.:)) because of that, immediately, i had this in mind. i used an image of star trek’s enterprise and vectored it. in vectoring it, i kept in mind using the style of art deco. I wanted it to look very geometric and linear. So i added the squares and curved lines to give it a different look and edge. at the same time the colors i used were art deco inspired. i didnt add much details since in the style of art deco, details are very much neglected, giving the image a very simple look.

General Mcdead

17 Jan

This was the product of our brainstormer for this week. the words given to us were general, cannibalist and madness. with those given words, I drew a general-zombie and named it General Mcdead. I thought of a general-zombie since it relates to general and cannibalist. it was the first thing that came into  my mind.

I drew the zombie in a way that it’s very sketchy. I did not clean it up because through the sketchiness of it, i wanted to show the meaning of madness. mad in a way that you’re in control but not really. it’s like doing whatever you want. plus i colored it in a style that looks like a kid did it, or rather, a zombie did.:) i did not want to look like its perfectly colored rather i want it to look messed up, like madness. rather than using a typeface for the words, i tried to copy and handwrite it, to give it a very raw look instead of having a computer-ish type.

so there you go, meet general mc dead.

brochure: smiggle maze pens

22 Dec


1st spread

2nd spread

3rd spread

back cover

For this activity, we were asked to make a brochure of a random product. The product i got was maze pens by the smiggle brand. it was really challenging for me to make a brochure, since there was really nothing special about the maze pens, only that it has a maze in it. So my problem was i didn’t know what the other features were, or what i could write.

Instead of making those folded brochures, i decided to make it into a booklet. since it’s easier to layout, plus i didn’t have much write ups to put up.

the philosophy behind the design was to mimic the feeling of the brand and the product itself. I got the different colors from the colors of the pens, and the funky patterns/shapes are inspired by the brand’s philosophy or goals. I wanted to give out a very cool, funky, fun and youthful feeling to the brochure.

brainstormer 1

7 Dec

For this brainstormer, we were asked to make a protest poster regarding/about/against the three words given to us. So the words given to us were prey to misfortune, rusty and house. With those words, the first thing that came to my mind was the philippines and poverty: old rusty houses and misfortune. I wanted to come up with something funny, but poverty was all I could think of.

Since it’s supposed to be a protest poster, it should be straight to the point. So with this, I wanted my statement to be as short as possible, and in the simplest form that it could be. I came up with “saan na ang ating lupang hinirang?” (where’s the land we choose?) and used a picture of houses of informal settlers.. I used this to allude to our national anthem to mean that in a country where poverty is wide spread, we tend to question ourselves, have we lost the promise that the country gave us?

poster: higad attack

30 Nov

In this project, we were tasked to make a poster on how to deal with higad attacks.With this in mind, I wanted my poster to show these in the simplest way. As much as possible, I used simple graphics, and clear text in order to make it straight to the point and as clean as possible.

In my poster I used a combination of text and graphics to give the viewer a clearer understanding of the tips/guides given. In this, I made it a point to have graphics in order to complement the texts. Under each headings, there are bits of explanation as to why that tip is given, or extra information related to a specific tip. I used smaller text for it, so that it won’t be overwhelming to the viewer , and at the same time, it wouldn’t clash with the other text.

brainstormer 2

29 Sep

beverly hills, concession, shipyard